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Bob Pierce

Bob Pierce, Ph.D.

Extension Associate Professor
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences

302 ABNR, Fisheries and Wildlife
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-4337

Robert provides statewide leadership for MU Extension wildlife and fisheries educational programs here in Missouri. He works closely with MU Extension Centers and Extension Regional Specialists to develop educational programs that meet the objectives for a variety of clientele across the state. In addition he provides leadership for the Missouri Master Wildlifer Program, the Missouri Master Naturalist Program, and collaborates with the Extension Forester in conducting the Missouri Woodland Steward Program. Exploring the relationships between land use and the wildlife community within the forest and agricultural ecosystem in Missouri is part of Robert's research interest. He is also interested in developing agroforestry practices which enhance habitats for a variety of wildlife and which meet the goals and objectives of the private landowner.


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