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The Center for Agroforestry

2nd Annual Agroforestry Symposium


Keynote Address: Mr. Steve Flick
Keynote Address (WMV Format, 84.1 MB)

Mr. Pete Nelson
Regional Strategy for Biofuels and Biobased Products: Integrated Multi-Feedstock System (WMV Format, 52.5 MB)

Dr. Michael Blazier
Growing Energy Crops: An Agroforestry Approach (WMV Format, 29.8 MB)

Dr. William Rooney
Integrated Breeding Approaches to Improve Sorghum as a Fuel Crop (WMV Format, 37.5 MB)

Dr. Newell Kitchen
Growing Perennial Grasses for Biofuels: Think Production and Ecosystem Services (WMV Format, 42.8 MB)

Dr. Bill Berguson
Development of Woody Crops for Energy and Fiber: The Minnesota Experience (WMV Format, 50.7 MB)

Dr. Zakiya Leggett
Sustainable Biomass Management in Forest Plantations (WMV Format, 19.3 MB)

Dr. Hank Stelzer
Biomass Crop Assistance Program: Opportunities for Landowners? (WMV Format, 56.6 MB)

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